Connie Kongkui Hubbard's Professional Profile

Interpreting for Jaguar Land Rover

Connie Kongkui Hubbard

I am very proud that I am one of the first 5 Qualified Court Interpreters in the United Kingdom. In addition to that, I am also one of the first 9 Qualified Chinese Conference Interpreters in the United Kingdom . As one of the most experienced and respected Chinese interpreters in the UK, I have been repeatedly recommended and asked back by my clients. Please see Client Testimonials. I work at high level international conferences and events, including the state visit of the Chinese President, Xi Jinping and the World Mobile Congress.

I am a qualified member of the Institute of Translation & Interpreting (Conference and Court Interpreter and Translator) (ITI ) and the Chartered Institute of Linguists (name on register: Kongkui Hubbard CIoL). I passed the Metropolitan Police Interpreting Examination in 2002, set by CIOL. In 2010, I obtained a Diploma for Public Service Interpreting (English Law) awarded by the Education Trust, CIOL.

I have a BA in Chinese Literature and Language and an MA in Classic Chinese Language, jointly awarded by the most prestigious Beijing University and Hubei University.

Following my MA graduation, I worked for six years as a reporter, editor and producer for Hubei Economic Radio Station in Wuhan, central China before coming to the UK. During that period, I hosted the English Teaching Programme at the radio station, interviewing foreign nationals working and living in Wuhan. I offered interpreting & translation services on an occasional basis. My clients included The Broadway and The Disney World. In 1992, I translated the subtitles for the American film, "Revenge" (staring Kevin Costner). I have written a novel based on my experiences as a student and journalist in China. I have started another book 'Keep in Touch' based on my experience in the UK.

Before becoming a fulltime Legal and Conference Interpreter (2000), I offered language tuition and cultural consultancy services at the International Briefing and Conference Centre (Farnham Castle). I also worked as a language lecturer at the University of Surrey and consultant for an MA programme in technical translation.

My interests include travel, reading (current affairs, economics, literature and history), gardening, long-distance walking and film. I visited many places while working in China. I travelled along the famous Long March route and in the desert in northwest China. In 2012, together with my husband, we explored the entire length of Basingstoke Canal, the most beautiful waterway in England. In the same year, we walked from Winchester Cathedral to Salisbury Cathedral along the Clarendon Way in 11.5 hours. We were truly humbled by this experience. Nature relaxes us and changes our perception of life. It is man's best friend. Only when we are close to nature can we be true to ourselves.