My Novel - "Sunflowers"

Van Gogh's Sunflowers I am currently writing an autobiographical account of my experiences in China as a student and journalist. My novel is entitled "Sunflowers" and describes the dramatic changes in Chinese society from the Maoist period through to the era of Deng Xioapeng's economic reforms.

"Sunflowers" is also a very personal story about my beliefs and values and about the love and inspiration of my mother. My story describes the challenges and pressures of living in a rapidly changing social environment and compares my own experiences and struggles with those of my mother in a previous generation.

The book also reflects my difficulties in reconciling my idealism as a young journalist with the realities of life in the Chinese media.

My novel is dark and light and expresses the hopes and fears of the human spirit in difficult and challenging times. A synopsis of Sunflowers is provided here in Microsoft Word (Sunflowers - Word) and Adobe Acrobat (Sunflowers - PDF) formats.